RunNation Film Festival 2019. An evening of inspirational running films and a gathering of like-minded people.

2019 marks the fifth year of the RunNation Film Festival. Founded in Sydney and now an international event, the festival has been attended by athletes and runners from all around Australia & many parts of the world. We receive film submissions globally and curate it into an incredible two-hour screening. It is not just about running; It is about the celebration of the human spirit, using running as a medium of storytelling.

This years' line up is truly international and is our best ever. Two of the 10 stories screened will be screened for the very first time and one will be an Australian first! Plus a Q&A session with special guests. It is truly "The Best Running Event Without Breaking A Sweat".

Don’t miss out!

“A celebration of the best skiing today with a nod to the legends and legendary places which helped shape the path. The technology might change and the style, the mountains skiers ride may be bigger or further out, but the rush, excitement and pure fun remains eternal - bonding past and present and future riders.”

“A celebration of the best skiing today with a nod to the legends and legendary places which helped shape the path. The technology might change and the style, the mountains skiers ride may be bigger or further out, but the rush, excitement and pure fun remains eternal - bonding past and present and future riders.”


The WOMEN’S ADVENTURE FILM TOUR presented by PADDY PALLIN is back for its third season! This is Australia’s original women’s adventure film tour, created by Adventure Entertainment in partnership with She Went Wild.

This short film festival is a celebration of the inspiring women around us who are doing extraordinary things in the name of adventure.

This year’s lineup features an all-star cast of Australian athletes including cliff diver Rhiannan Iffland, climber Angie Scarth-Johnson, trail runner Jacqui Bell and many more including women in snow sports, mountaineering and mountain biking.

The WOMEN’S ADVENTURE FILM TOUR is as an official part of WOMEN’S HEALTH WEEK by Jean Hailes for Women’s Health.

Each screening of the WOMEN’S ADVENTURE FILM TOUR features 7 short films across 110 minutes. Selected screenings will include emcee introductions, prize draws and Q&A.


Movie portfolio

Adventure Entertainment is able to bring you world class content that is guaranteed to leave you breathless and inspired. We do this by working closely with many of the leading outdoor adventure film festivals and film makers around the globe. See our portfolio below.

If you are interested in screening the films in any of the listed territories, please contact us

Adventure Entertainment is about the celebration of the outdoors and adventures. Our films offer people the possibility to connect and interact directly with the adventure community where friendships are made and dreams shared.


Free solo

YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK, CALIFORNIA—Renowned rock climber Alex Honnold on Saturday became the first person to scale the iconic nearly 3,000-foot granite wall known as El Capitan without using ropes or other safety gear, completing what may be the greatest feat of pure rock climbing in the history of the sport.

TERRITORIES AVAILABLE: Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Phillipines, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, Vietnam

The Dawn Wall

For Tommy Caldwell, The Dawn Wall was much more than just a climb. It was the culmination of a lifetime defined by overcoming obstacles. At the age of 22, the climbing prodigy was taken hostage by rebels in Kyrgyzstan. Shortly after, he lost his index finger in an accident, but resolved to come back stronger. When his marriage fell apart, he escaped the pain by fixating on the extraordinary goal of free climbing The Dawn Wall.

TERRITORIES AVAILABLE: Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal and selected Asian territories

International Ocean Film Tour

The International OCEAN FILM TOUR brings the most inspiring ocean adventures, water sports action and environmental films of the year to the big screen.

The International OCEAN FILM TOUR is presented by the makers of the European Outdoor Film Tour.

TERRITORIES AVAILABLE: Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, USA, Canada and selected Asian territories

Mountainfilm on tour

Mountainfilm Tour uses the power of film, art and ideas to inspire audiences to create a better world.

Launched in Colorado in 1979, it is now one of the world's most exciting outdoor adventure festivals touring 6 continents and more than 80,000 people.

TERRITORIES AVAILABLE: Australia & New Zealand

CombiClean copy.png

Womens Adventure Film tour

Women's Adventure Film Tour features some of the world's most inspiring women in adventure.

This festival is a celebration of the fantastic women around us who are doing extraordinary things. In a global first it was launched to a sell-out crowd in Sydney in May 2017.

The Women’s Adventure Film Tour was created by Adventure Film Tours in collaboration with She Went Wild.



European Outdoor Film Tour (EOFT)

European Outdoor Film Tour is one of the worlds greatest outdoor film tours. With more than 300 shows in 14 countries the festival showcases inspirational protagonists with a heartfelt passion for adventure and the great outdoors. Next stop Australia.

TERRITORIES AVAILABLE: Australia, New Zealand & selected Asian territories


Directed by Michael Oblowitz and produced by Red Bull Media House and All Edge Entertainment, Heavy Water follows big wave surfer Nathan Fletcher through the evolution of his surfing and his relationship with big waves. Tracing his lineage back to his grandfather, one of the pioneers of Oahu's North Shore, Fletcher and fellow surf and skateboard legends share stories of the pursuit of their passion. It's a voyage through the eyes of the surfing community that delves deep into the roots and mindset of board sports culture, culminating in a spectacular, never-before-performed stunt, as Fletcher once again attempts to raise the bar of what's possible.

TERRITORIES AVAILABLE: Territories Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia, Italy, Spain & Portugal



Kilian Jornet presents "Path to Everest", the film of his double ascent of Everest last May. The documentary also traces Kilian Jornet’s life story from his childhood to the realisation of the personal project "Summits of My Life" in which he spent five years trying to set speed records on mountains around the world

TERRITORIES AVAILABLE: Australia, New Zealand, Singapore Malaysia & Hong Kong



Maiden is the inspirational story of how Tracy Edwards, a 24-year-old cook on charter boats, became the skipper of the first ever all-female crew to enter the Whitbread Round the World Race in 1989.

TERRITORIES AVAILABLE: Australia & New Zealand



Blood, sweat and tears shed across central Australia at the iconic Finke Desert Race in this documentary from Australian filmmaker Dylan River (Buckskin).

TERRITORIES AVAILABLE: Australia & New Zealand

own the sky a.jpg


OWN THE SKY delves into the relentless obsession of the tantalizing potential of jetpacks; it climaxes with the subject of the film, David Mayman, attempting the world’s first jetpack flight around the Statue of Liberty. Shot over ten-years, the film chronicles David’s quest to fulfil his childhood dream as it turns into an all consuming addiction that nearly costs him his life and his family.

TERRITORIES AVAILABLE: Australia & New Zealand



WINTERLAND is a film that celebrates our athletes’ connection to the roots of skiing and snowboarding while showcasing the pure joy and adventure associated with these sports.

TERRITORIES AVAILABLE: Australia & New Zealand



Watch as the world’s best skiers and riders cover ground in some of the most legendary destinations to honor a face that launched a thousand quips and got us all started on this long, crazy ride. Visit some of Warren’s favorite locations from Switzerland to Chamonix, British Columbia to Alaska, Chile, Iceland, New Zealand and more. 

TERRITORIES AVAILABLE: Australia & New Zealand

RR14 A.jpg


In a battle for El Cap’s coveted Nose speed record, rock legends Tommy Caldwell and Alex Honnold go head to head with Yosemite dirtbags Jim Reynolds and Brad Gobright. Highball bouldering ace Nina Williams flexes her guns and tests her nerves well into the no-fall zone. In rural Utah, conservative Mormon coal miners collide with an influx of out-of-town climbers - with surprising results. And two adventurous Brits, Hazel Findlay and Maddy Cope, pursue first ascents in wild and remote Mongolia.  

TERRITORIES AVAILABLE: Australia & New Zealand


this mountain life

Living amongst us is a special breed of people. They are undefined by age, gender, profession or background, but for them, the draw of the mountains is so strong that their lives must revolve around it. Martina Halik and her 60-year-old mother Tania attempt a bitterly cold 2300-kilometer ski trek from Canada to Alaska through the treacherous Coast Mountains; a journey that has been completed only once before, and never by a female duo.



paddling film festival

Since 2006, the Paddling Film Festival World Tour has been showcasing the very best paddling films. The World Tour screens in more than 120 cities around the world. Join us for this year's best paddling films. You'll be inspired to explore rivers, lakes and oceans, push extremes, embrace the paddling lifestyle and appreciate the wild places. Since Rapid Media launched the festival back in 2006, the World Tour has screened 959 times to more than 282,864 audience members. Rapid Media has awarded $71,000 to paddling filmmakers and helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for charitable causes. The Paddling Film Festival World Tour has grown to become one of the largest paddling events in the world.